Walton County Commissioners continue to Discuss Sports Complex

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During the last Walton County Commission meeting, board members instructed County Administrator Larry Jones to research the four proposed sites for the sports complex.

But during Tuesday’s meeting, Commissioner Bill Imfeld began pushing for a quick decision.

His suggestion on funding the sports complex set-off an argument between him and Commissioner Cindy Meadows.

Commissioner Imfeld believes using BP money will take funding for other projects and departments, like the sheriff’s office or fire department.

Instead he's suggesting the county use the TDC on the complex.

"I am trying to find a way to move forward promptly, and find something for this area, to address their needs, but not at the expense of those other areas,” said Commissioner Imfeld.

But Commissioner Meadows argue if the TDC funds the project, the complex will become a tourist attraction.

She says that's not what residents want.

They feel the complex should specifically meet the needs of the growing residential population.

"It does not work for a TDC funded sports complex, unless you are going to go with regional sports events, and then locals want to get on the field and fight big leagues,” said Commissioner Meadows. “From the proposal, they are on those fields 365 days a year."

"You need to realize this is an election year, and this is ludicrous that you all think the TDC is just a pot of gold and we just keep getting money,” said one South Walton resident, Susan Harris. “You all need to think about your children."

County Administrator Larry Jones will continue his property research and present his recommendations to commission at their next meeting.