Walton Co. Commissioners Say NO to Dollar General Store in Inlet Beach

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It was a 3 to 2 vote from Walton County Commissioners to not approve a Dollar General store in Inlet Beach.
The commission took into account public safety and compatibility.
Which was two of the biggest concerns from residents.

"We are concerned the building design just doesn't look like anything else, or any of the other developments that are ongoing,” said Bob Murfin, an Inlet Beach homeowner.

The Teramore Development group gave their side as to why they thought the Dollar General would be a good asset to the neighborhood.

Including, working with residents on the architecture to make the building more compatible to homes in the area.

"All I have to go by when I make development decisions is what the rules are there in place on that day, not a year from now or two years from now; to me in my mind it is not applicable,” said Steve Hufstetler, of Teramore Development, LLC.

But ultimately it was Inlet Beach residents persistence that convinced the commission that a dollar General Store was not what they wanted in their neighborhood.

"A national retail store, and I am going to say it because no one else will, just does not fit in Inlet Beach,” said Rod Wilson, a homeowner of Inlet Beach.

In the interest of full disclosure, we must point out Newschannel 7's Chief Meteorologist Chris Smith is one of the organizers of an online petition against the new Dollar General store.