Walton County Commissioners Try to Resolve Storm Water Issue

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WALTON COUNTY-- There is no doubt that after heavy rains, all of Walton County deals with significant amounts of storm water.

During last week’s budget meeting, County Commissioners spoke about finding a way to make some room in next year's budget for storm water.

But during Tuesday’s meeting Commissioner Bill Imfeld stated that he thought something needed to be done now, so he made his proposal to the rest of the board.

"I am asking the board to hold a public hearing to move $500,000 dollars from the reserve funds so that we can go out and begin to address the storm water issues now, and not keep kicking the can down the road, let's get going on it,” said Commissioner Imfeld.

Commissioner Imfeld said there are 58 roads in the county that need to be fixed now.

At this time no public meetings have been set.