Walton County Declares Local State of Emergency

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Friday Walton County officials declared a Local State of Emergency as rain continues to dampen the area.

"Well you know anytime you get this amount of water in this short period of time the ground gets saturated and we don't have the run off and we don't have the absorption that we normally have" said Director of Walton County Emergency Management Joseph Preston.

A rough estimate of more than a million dollars worth of damage has already been assessed across the county but repairs can't begin until the rain stops.

"Well we can do a few emergency repairs to get roads open. Some of them we can't do anything until the rain stops. Once the water gets off the roads, the rain stops, then we can really get in there and do the repairs" said Walton County Interim County Administrator Gerry Demers.

Officials say flooding in the Walton County area can last another 36 to 48 hours and some areas have gotten worse. Right outside of Freeport in Bruce Florida on Highway 3280 simple water over the road has led to the highway absolutely collapsing; Causing officials to have to block off the entire stretch of highway until crews can get out here to fix the damage.

"It could be Tuesday before we get all of that done but we're trying to be optimistic. We have crews out right now as a matter of fact at some of the areas trying to observe what they can and assess what damage there is currently" said Preston.

Officials say no major roadways have been damaged, but several secondary roads will need repair. Emergency officials are asking residents to stay clear of all standing flood waters until they recede.