Walton County Growth Noticed By US Census Bureau

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Walton County has several factors that could help explain why the census bureau calls it one of the fastest growing places in the country.

"One of course is our tourism industry. So when people come and visit here, they play here and they look around and say why should we go back" said Walton County Chamber of Commerce President Kellie Jo Kilberg.

Another is people who move to the area - liek the military. Population makes everything else possible. From an increase in housing.

"For the last two years we've been averaging new permits for new houses seventy, seventy five a month. Since October its picked up to about ninety-five a month" said Walton County Building Official Billy Bearden.

To the creation of more jobs.

"Our home inventory has actually gotten to a place where homes are being built again which then expands business and brings in others. You know the supply chain. The builders and the plumbers and the electricians. So it's kind of that domino effect" said Kilberg.

With everything falling into place, it leads us back to tourism.

"Another really important part of growth is rate. So if you were charging one hundred fifty several years ago for an overnight and you can charge one hundred eighty this year that's a twenty percent growth" said Marketing Director for Walton County TDC Jon Ervin.