Walton Co. Health Officials Work to Make Community Healthy

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Living a healthy lifestyle can be difficult.

It takes work, and control.

And Walton County Health officials say they've seen some issues in the county over the past few years, and now more than ever they are making an effort to help residents improve their overall health.

"Helping people understand they have control over what they do,” said Debora Campbell, of the Department of Health of Walton County. “They have control whether they are physically active, if they have a healthy diet. Doctors can tell you every day to eat healthy, but unless we make that decision, to make that change in our lifestyle even with little steps it is never going to go anywhere.”

Thursday and Friday, the Department of Health of Walton County held their first Community Empowerment Symposium.

A two day event that will hopefully benefit both health officials and residents on how to get the county healthy.

Along with a guest speaker---residents and health personnel spent their time learning essential skills, and making plans for a healthy future.

"We are not going to be there every day to help every family, but we can start by getting every family involved, at a level that really tells agencies and organizations what they need,” said Gigi Rolfes, Executive Director of Volunteer Macon.

The Health Departments main goal is to collaborate ideas with residents and then make those ideas into actions for the county.

The Community Empowerment Symposium will continue Friday at 8:45 a.m. at the DeFuniak Springs Community Center.