Walton County Health Officials see Numbers pick up at New Clinics

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Walton County Health Department officials opened up two new health clinics in December in Paxton and Mossy Head.

They did it to provide residents with healthcare options closer to home.

"I have actually heard nothing but positive comments since we opened up the two satellite clinics,” said Holly Holt, Administrator for the Walton County Health Department. “We are increasing our numbers, we started off slow, but they are growing."

And Holt isn't the only one seeing things pick up.

"Probably right now, we are seeing in the past week about seven people a day,” said Dr. Gregory Turner, the Paxton physician.

Both clinics still have a long way to go, but health officials feel they’re accomplishing their mission every day.

"From the feedback we are getting, we seem to be a welcomed addition so far,” said Dr. Turner.

For now each clinic will are open two days a week.

"We are still looking at this as a possible expansion, but right now the two days are working out,” said Holt. “We are still trying to grow the clinics."

The two clinics only provide services for Florida residents.

But Holt hopes to expand services to include Alabama residents in the near future.