Walton County Introduces New Government Website

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Since June, Walton County Information Manager Louis Svehla has been overseeing the redesign of Walton County’s government website. After more than six months, he can see the results of that work.

"We want to make it easier to navigate. We wanted to make the menus easier. We wanted to have more kind of one click access to different things as oppose to having to click through two or three pages to try and get what you want" said Svehla.

That accessibility includes new user-friendly features and tabs.

"Certainly the menus are one thing that is completely different now. We have what's called a mega menu. Prior to the old site you had to drop down that had different offshoots that shot out of different places" said Svehla.

Another new feature is the citizen help center which puts popular sections at the user's fingertips.

"It's now a button at the bottom of the page you can click citizen help center and it pulls up a menu that has twelve buttons on it and those twelve buttons lead to the most access pages on the website" said Svehla.

Under the services section there's also a feature called notify me which allows you to enter an email address or cell phone number to receive updates on everything happening in Walton County from job postings, meeting agendas and community calendars so that when you're on the go a text alert is only a button away.
"We want to be able to provide not just hey this is when our meeting is but this is what's happening with your government these are some stories that you may not know about" said Svehla.

The new website also has a county spotlight feature, allowing the public to submit pictures and videos of local events.

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