Walton County Law Enforcement Encourage Residents To Be Aware

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It's as easy as hide...lock... And take. Yet so many forget these simple steps to keep their belongings safe.

“Basically it's a friendly reminder from our agency to hide your things so nobody can see what's inside your car. Lock your car and take your keys” says LT. of Citizen Services with Walton County Sheriff’s Office Danny Garner.

The Walton County Sheriff's Office launched the program after a recent increase in burglaries of cars and houses.

"I understand that some of the burglaries that the perpetrator just went by and checked to see if the car was unlocked. If they can just take the few seconds that's mentioned in this sign" says Garner.

“We're starting out with posting those signs at the beach accesses in parking lots. We're hoping that businesses in the area will adopt" says Investigator Wendy Ammons.

Wendy Ammons and Lieutenant Danny Garner say residents can deter criminals by being more aware.

"Mainly it's trying to remind people that there are people out there trying to take their stuff" says Garner.

"People work very hard these days and times to get what they have and for somebody to come along and take it from them. It is wrong" says Ammons.

Sheriff's Deputies are also encouraging communities to organize neighborhood watch groups