Walton County Officials Monitor Flood Waters

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Steady rain turned yards and roads into ponds and streams in Walton County Monday.

"My backyard is totally flooded it's one hundred feet wide and we measured. So we have one hundred feet by seventy-nine feet. At worst count it was thirteen inches deep. It's been that way since Saturday with the rain that we've had" said Walton County resident Cindy Launch.

"At this point not aware of any homes that have been affected by this. But we are urging people who live around the area, the river basin area, to keep an eye on the rivers and the flooding” said Walton County Sheriff’s Department Public Information Officer Wendy Ammons.

Ammons says road flooding is the biggest concern.

"We have a lot of areas in Northern Walton County but also in Central Walton. Again areas along the Choctawhatchee and the Shoal River which basically are the areas of Ponce De Leon, Bruce, Mossy Head, those are areas that we are really trying to keep an eye on due to the rivers" said Ammons.

Most of the roads in Walton County have remained clear but there are a few that are still impassable.

"I would say on the grand scale it's not a huge issue. We don't have a bunch of major issues. There are a couple that are certainly going to be a little bit worse than some of the others. Most of them are minor issues" said Walton County Public Information Officer Louis Svehla.

Once waters recede public works road crews will set out to repair any water damaged areas caused by flooding.
The Walton County Sheriff's Office is continuing to monitor the situation and exchange information through social media.