Walton County Organizations Team Up For PSA

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In Walton County last year six infants died from events that could have been prevented. This year two more have been lost.

"So several of the area agencies got together and said let's put together a task force and let's get to work on trying to help prevent these type of tragedy's" said Walton County Sheriff’s Public Information Officer Wendy Ammons.

The result is three public service announcements explaining tips on how to keep infants safe.

"One of them we look at is keeping the bedding area safe or the play area safe where a baby may lay down to rest. A lot of times in play pens a baby may lay down and for some reason caretakers may think that they need to put toys or blankets and things of that nature in there for the child" said Ammons.

Ammons says this can cause the child to re-breath the same air, which could lead to suffocation. Other tips include laying babies on their backs and not allowing them to sleep in the same bed as an adult.

"If you have an infant you still need to be an informed parent. You need to be informed to where your child is. Is your child sleeping on the bed, is the child sleeping in the crib. Understand the dangers of sleeping in a bed verses sleeping in a crib” said Emerald Coast Children’s Advocacy Center Therapist Will Seigal.

Ammons and Seigal agree making families aware of these simple fixes can save a child's life. For more information on how to protect your child you can visit the emerald coast children's advocacy center.