Walton County Prepares For Another School Year

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As the new school year gets underway Walton County school officials and sheriff's deputies are taking the necessary measures to keep students safe.

"We all know if students aren't safe, we cannot have effective schools. We cannot have effective learning, we cannot have effective instruction. So safety is the key, it is a priority in Walton County" said Walton High School Principal Russell Hughes.

"We actually over the summer we had eight school resource deputies in Walton County had a minimum of 40 hours advance training. Most of that covered school safety. So we're really excited about getting in there and getting some of this stuff implemented" said School Resource Deputy Blake McCormick.

Some of the training included adding more eyes around campus in the form of hall monitors and teacher assistance. Walton High principal Russell Hughes says the partnership between the school district and the sheriff's office is extremely valuable.

"It's a collaborative effort. While we're out preparing for students to return the SRD’s are out preparing and training for their returns.

"Being around teenagers and being able to know who they are and know where they're at, and know what makes them tick and know where they come from. It's an extremely positive thing and has a great impact on the community that we're able to be in there and learn from them and them hopefully learn from us a little bit" said McCormick.

Officers will also be patrolling school zones looking for speeders. Those cited could face from 150-to-450 dollar fines.