Walton County Prepares for 4th of July Weekend

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WALTON COUNTY For the next few days thousands will be coming to South Walton for the 4th of July holiday weekend.

This holiday is a time for celebration.

Walton County Sheriff officials will be out in full force making sure everyone is having fun, but doing it safely.

"Visibility and safety,” said Walton County Sheriff PIO, Catherine Rodriguez. “Be aware of anyone else who may be around you. You may have people that may be drinking, make sure you have a designated driver, whether you are driving or boating."

Sheriff officials will also be cracking down on illegal fireworks.

"We want to advise the public, that what they buy and use here in the state of Florida is legal,” stated Rodriquez.

And Walton County Sheriff's Officials aren't the only ones preparing for this busy weekend.

In fact the Walton County Tourist Development Council works with the Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort, and all 16 beach towns, to prepare for the upcoming weekend.

"From the Hilton in Sandestin, to fireworks at Rosemary Beach, to the morning parade in Seaside, it is all somewhat organic, but it is small neighborly level stuff,” said Jon Ervin, of the TDC. “If you have been here before, or visiting for the first time, you have chosen one of those spots, because of those activities."

"We want to encourage everyone to have a good time,” stated Rodriguez.

Authorities say they'll let first time fireworks offenders off with just a warning, but after they could face fines.

TDC officials are also reminding beach-goers to clean up after themselves, watch out for nesting sea turtles, and obey the surf condition warning flags.