Walton County Prepares for Beach Driving Permit Lottery

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They're signing-up for a lottery to win a permit to drive on Inlet and Grayton beaches.

Walton County is one of the few in Florida that still allows people to drive their vehicles on the beach. But the permits have become a rare commodity.

"What the county has instituted since 2011 is we have a beach driving permit lottery. And what that lottery is it allows 150 people who apply to be part of the lottery will receive the ability to purchase a beach driving permit" said Walton County Public Information Manager Louis Svehla.

The applicants have to meet some specific requirements just to get into the drawing.

"If you own property down here but you're not a full time resident here you're not eligible for the lottery. You have to physically be a resident and a property owner. If you don't own property but you live here and you are a full time resident you also have to prove that you are a registered voter in walton county" said Svehla.

The permits are good for one year. Those who had permits before the lottery began have been grandfathered-in.

"They don't have to be part of the lottery. They just continue to keep their full time driving permit. They still have to pay for it every year" said Svehla.

The permits cost one hundred thirty five dollars. The application period for the lottery begins April first and runs through May tenth. Last year two hundred fifty people applied for the one hundred fifty available permits.