Walton County Residents Cope with Flood Damage

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Walton County residents living south of Choctawhatchee Bay are trying to cope with what they've lost to this week's heavy rains and flooding.

Ryan DeVore's Blue Mountain Beach yard and home suffered extensive flooding Wednesday, with close to four feet of water outside his home.

The only way he could reach it was by kayak.

He's spent the past 24 hours trying to salvage anything he can.

"For how our standing water is because we had some issues last summer, but it has never been this high, it has never gotten in the house before for us, so that is kind of new,” said DeVore.

A little farther down 30A, Ray Petta's home was destroyed.

Petta says it happened in a flash.

"Washed the side of the driveway out, the driveway collapsed, my navigator fell into the hole. Then on the other side of the highway the garage collapsed, it just all happened so quickly,” stated Petta.

Hundreds of South Walton homeowners are dealing with flood damages.

Parts of 30A are still closed due to cave-in's.

"Just got to get through it, it is just out of our control,” said DeVore.

County crews are surveying the flooding to determine which areas will benefit from pumping, and then doing the work.

Walton County schools will be open Friday, but buses will only pick up students on paved roads.

Those students who can't get to school will receive excused absences.

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