Walton County Residents Talk About Top Jobs Of The Year

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“I’d rank it number one. I mean it’s an awesome job, i love it i wouldn’t change anything about it” said Customer Service Manager Beth Sandlin.

“And I think this is one of the greatest jobs that a person could have” said Assistant Dock Master Dick Flanery.

Whether working on the beach, with a personal hobby, or around the state having a top job is all up to personal preference. Some may like assistant dock master of the Baytown Marina Dick Flanery’s job working outside.

“Well I got a great job, as dock master the way you look at this, the way you look at a marina is like a horizontal hotel. So what that means is everything you would do in a hotel except changing the sheets we do” said Flanery.

Or maybe like employment manager Angela Goff working inside helping plan someone’s special day.

“Well because we hospitality minded i would like to think that our positions that offer that guest/owner/client interaction would be one of the most interested or sought after positions” said Employment manager Angela Goff.

The one thing all jobs have in common when it comes to describing the best is the interaction with the public.

“Getting to meet people. Meet people, talk to people and I’ve been able to use a lot of connection through social media and meeting the guests that way” said Sandlin.

“This job it’s the people. Frankly it’s just all about the people. We’ve got folks, we’ve basically seen their kids grow up” said Flanery.

A representative with the tourism development council says some of the most enjoyable places to work in the Walton County area include working along the coast, the 30-A scenic route and by the bay.

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