Walton County Residents Want to Keep Beaches Trash Free

Pictures taken on the beach near Whale Tail bar and grill, and posted on Facebook, have started a grass roots campaign to keep the beaches clean.

Since the photo's were posted 36 hours ago, police have already responded with increased beach patrols, promising to ticket anyone who is breaking the law.

The pictures were posted by local residents, but businesses who rely on the beach have been quick to agree that something needs to be done.

"If this beach is dirty, nobody wants to come here. It effects our business. If nobody wants to come here we don't have a business. That's the big issue for us," said La Doce Vita employee Craig Dermody.

The Walton county TDC is responsible for cleaning the beach,
but because of the extra garbage, TDC officials have contracted overnight cleaning to Sandman Coastal Services.