Walton County Residents hear from Local Candidates

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FREEPORT This is the first year the Walton County Education Association has held this political forum.

"I feel like we really need to be involved with the decision that affect us every day,” said Tracy Nick, WCEA President.

Each of the 11 candidates fielded questions about a number of issues, including the construction on the Highway 331 corridor, teacher evaluations and pay, and if the new superintendent should be appointed or elected.

Nick says all these questions pertain to both commissioners and board members, because both departments need to work together on all issues in the county.

"Walton County School District is the largest employer in Walton County,” said Nick. “I feel like if we can be informed especially to the matters that are important for these candidates then we can make a big difference with how the election turns out in August."

After each candidate made their pitch about why they thought they were the best for the job, it was time for the public to chime in.

"How many years then did you vote to raise taxes? In the four years you were there how many times did you vote yes,” said resident Suzanne Harris.

"As the superintendent being an elected position who wouldn't even have the minimum qualifications for the majority of the employees they supervise,” said another South Walton resident.

"I know me personally, along with other people in the public, we have had it, absolutely had it with this budget crisis, I could go in and do that budget with one hand tied behind my back,” stated one local CPA and Walton County resident.

More vocational classes for students was also a hot topic for both County Commissioner and School Board candidates.

The Walton Area Chamber of Commerece will hold a 2014 Campaign Forum beginning at 5:30 Tuesday night at Freeport High School.