Walton County School Board Members are keeping an Eye on the Future

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Walton County School Board members approved a second appraisal Tuesday night for a 60 acre tract of land at the south end of the county.

This is one of many steps the board is taking to build a new school sometime in the future.

A Site Selection Committee initially proposed five properties to the board.

Board members chose two of them.

The first property, a little over 30 acres, is about six miles east of the Emerald Coast Middle School.

The second is located a few miles north of the same school.

The committee inspected both to see which one best met the future needs of housing a school.

"Then again I will make my recommendation for which parcel I believe to be the best for our board to purchase,” said Superintendent Carlene Anderson.

This is far from the last step for the board to approve.

But Anderson says this process is all about the future of Walton County.

"What we are going to do with it is not the issue for me, but rather my interest is get some property,” said Anderson.

Anderson says the school board has not made any decisions about when or what kind of school they'll eventually build.