Walton County Schools Finish First Week

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The first full week of school came to an end Friday in Walton County. But it hasn't been without its hiccups, in part because of the number of students that showed-up for school.

"In the previous years we've had growth in South Walton County but we're seeing growth also in the Freeport area as well as in Defuniak springs. We've seen an increase in students of around 360, 370 new students" said Walton County School District Facilities Director Mark Gardner.

This year's growth has been so unexpected school officials had to change bus routes causing some students to be late this entire week.

"We had x number of students riding buses in middle school then the very next day 65 more got on board. So that's a whole another bus right there going in different directions" said Gardner.

Gardner also says the Freeport area is experiencing an increase in students due to a new Pre-K Program at Freeport Elementary School.

"We've had some issues getting those set up, getting those ready for school but the growth is still there" said Gardner.

Gardner says school officials have been very thankful of parents’ patience while any issue were quickly resolved.

"Any routine that you get involved in, things tend to settle down. Students are getting used to where their classes are" said Gardner.
As of this week Walton County currently has 112 bus routes and 104 buses on the road