Walton County Sheriff's Deputies Patrol South Walton During Spring Break

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Major AJ Smith has been in law enforcement for more than twenty years and has seen his share of spring break mischief.
Two minutes into our patrol major Smith spots an underage drinker.

"Who's sitting on this side? Come here please. How old are you?” said Major Smith.
“Twenty” said underage drinker.
“Are you drinking?” said Smith.
“No sir” said underage drinker.
“That's not your cup?” said Smith.
“That's my cup” said underage drinker.
“Well here's the thing she's going to get a notice to appear because she's not supposed to be drinking or be in possession of alcohol" said Smith.

The young girl is cited for possession of alcohol and given a three hundred dollar fine.

"Any other questions?” said Smith.
“Is there anyway I can get it off my record?” said underage drinker.
“When you call there ask the clerk what you need to do to have it expunged ok” said Smith.

“Well when we were driving up I saw the one on the passenger side with the cup and then she put it back down and the other ones had cups which are indicative of being in possession of an alcoholic beverage and the all looked to be relatively young so that's why we stopped to and checked them" said Smith.

Thirty minutes later another group is asked for I.D’s.

"Ya'll got some id's?” said Smith.
“Yes sir” said young boy.
“Ok thank you brother. Who's driving the car?” said Smith.
“Ok you're under arrest this is your car you have beer in there. When are you going to be twenty one?”
“I am twenty one” said second young boy.
“Lucky you” said Smith. (Everyone starts laughing)
“Look. You all just have fun. We're not here to give you a hard time just have fun” said Smith.

“First you look to see if they have alcohol in their hands and next you look at how old they are. When you've been doing it for years and years it's pretty easy to tell that they're underage" said Smith.

Throughout our patrol several others are checked for I.D’s for legal drinking age until two teens are caught at the end of our shift.

"What's in your cups?” said Smith.
“Coke” said young girl.
“No your cups” said Smith.
“Coke” said young girl.
“Ok let's see the cup. Please be honest with me if you have alcohol just tell me” said Smith.

Two teenage girls are caught with rum in their possession.

"You are?” said Smith
“Savannah” said young girl.
“How old are you Savannah?” said Smith.
“Seventeen” said Savannah.
“Ya'll understand this is serious business right?” said Smith.
“Yes we do” said both girls.
“And you're not going to drink anymore right?” said Smith.
“Oh hell no. Cause I don't wanna have to see you again” said both girls.
"Obviously they were very young. One of them was drinking out of a brown cup and once they pulled over confronted them and they had rum and coke so I issued both a notice to appear for underage possession. I hope that we're leaving these young people with the impression that we want them to be safe. We want them to enjoy themselves but they have to abide by the law. They have to make the right decisions" said Smith.

The Walton County Sheriff's Office has arrested at least six hundred people during the spring break season.