Walton County Sheriff's Office Continues Search for Missing Man

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Robert Ignasiak had already served several years of a 24-year sentence for over-prescribing prescription painkillers to patients who didn't need them. But he was released after an appeals court overturned the conviction earlier this year.

Ignasiak's second trial was supposed to begin Monday, but no one has seen or heard from him for a month.

"On November 3rd the sheriff's office received a report that Dr. Ignasiak was missing and had been missing since November the first which was that Thursday night. He was last seen by family members. On that day while we took the report we also received a report of a vehicle, a suspicious vehicle in the area of Seagrove" said Investigator Wendy Ammons.

It was Ignasiak's vehicle. Inside authorities say they found blood and what appeared to be a suicide note. But here was no sign of Ignasiak.

"Our crime scene folks went out to the scene to analyze that and there was also a canvas done of the neighborhood and beach area for several days in a row” said Ammons.

Federal authorities apparently don't believe Ignasiak is dead. U.S. Attorney's Office issued a warrant for his arrest and a filed motion to delay his trial, stating they believe Ignasiak faked his on death. His federal probation officer filed a memorandum stating Ignasiak absconded from supervision. Ammons says the sheriff's office's main priority is finding Mr. Ignasiak for his family’s sake.

"At this point our investigation is focused on the missing person aspect of that" said Ammons.

An attorney for the Ignaziak family released a statement from the family saying the family of Dr. Robert Ignasiak, Jr. sincerely appreciates the support and prayers they have received. The family requests, however, that the public respect their privacy while they deal with what has occurred.

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