Walton County Sheriff's Deputies Utilize Mobile Command for Spring Break

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South Walton County is experiencing one of its biggest spring break seasons, with thousands of college students visiting the beaches.

"They tend to congregate in the Miramar beach area here around the majestic sun, whales tale, pompa nochos" said Walton County Public Information Officer Wendy Ammons.

And so far, it's been busy for Walton County Sheriff's Deputies.

"In the first few days we're over three hundred thirty arrests. We anticipate doing somewhere in the neighborhood of five hundred by this week. By the end of this week" said Walton County Sheriff Michael Adkinson.

But they're jobs are a bit easier this year because of this mobile command unit. It gives them a place to work besides the front seat of their patrol cars.

"We're actually doing so much paperwork and printing and dealing with so many folks that it gives us a centralized location that we can help facilitate getting staff in the right area" said Adkinson.

The mobile unit can even accommodate a dispatcher. The facility is helping the sheriff's office field a stronger presence along the beaches. But it's the deputies who are enforcing this year's zero tolerance goals.

"We are allocating these resources to the beaches but we still have deputies on road patrol who are answering calls in the area" said Ammons.

"We're trying to send a message that says, 'listen, we want you to come here, we want you to enjoy yourselves, we want you to have a good time. But we want you to respect our home like it's your home” said Adkinson.

Sheriff Adkinson says his staff began planning the use of the mobile command unit, right after spring break last year.