Walton Co. Sheriff’s Deputies Crack Down on Spring Breakers

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Thousands have piled into South Walton to enjoy spring break.

But, this year too much fun can come with a price.

"It was a little busier last year, I am hoping that word got out that this year we are physically arresting,” said Lt. Keith Chamblee, of the Walton County Sheriff’s Department. “They are taking the trip to jail, they are getting finger printed and it will be on their permanent record."

Deputies have arrested close to 200 breakers this past week.

Sunday, a record high 72 people were arrested, mainly for underage drinking and public intoxication.

"It is not necessarily the underage drinking that is the problem---but the problems that come from the underage drinking,” said Dustin Cosson, part of the Walton County Beach Patrol. “Getting so intoxicated people don't know where they are or they are losing things.”

While it is only week one, deputies have a message for those planning on coming to South Walton

"If you are not of age, If you are not 21 or older, and you possess something, you will go to jail,” said Lt. Chamblee.

Deputies arrested another 15 people Tuesday on South Walton Beaches, all for underage alcohol consumption.