Walton County Sheriff's Office Investigating Possible Poisoning of a Baby

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FREEPORT - The Walton County Sheriff's Office is investigating the possible poisoning of a baby. The investigation is still on-going but NewsChannel 7 has learned some information from the Sheriff's Office.

Deputies aren't releasing too much information yet, but they have confirmed the baby is a boy.

Walton County deputies and the Department of Children and Families responded to a Freeport home Friday just after 9 p.m. Apparently the four month old child was having breathing issues.

That's when the baby was airlifted to Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola.

"It's a pretty serious situation. So the hospital staff is doing everything they can to help the child and then of course we want to get to the bottom of the situation," said Catherine Rodriguez of the Walton County Sheriff's Office.

Rodriguez says the boy is stable but still currently on a ventilator in ICU. He is believed to have been poisoned.

The Sheriff's Office is still investigating the case, but probably won't have any additional information until Monday.