Walton Co. Small Business Assn Looking to Form Blue Ribbon Committee

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For weeks Walton County Small Business Association members have been speaking out about forming a Blue Ribbon Committee that would consist of business owners and local leaders.

The idea for the committee happened when business owners heard about a proposed parking ordinance for the county.

"One of our objections is to slow down the regulation and maybe table it at this time until we can get more research in,” said William Schissler, President of the Walton County SBA. “I understand some research is being done by the county that is supposed to give them answers on this."

SBA members believe this committee will be able to consider a variety of opinions on issues, and give county officials more options.

"If you can put a group of these people together in a room that they can find a solution instead of just putting an ordinance into place, because every community is different,” said Cheri Peebles, Owner of Grayt Grounds of Monet Monet.

Small Business Association Members say three of the five County Commissioners seem to be on board with forming the committee.

County Commissioners have decided not to comment on the issue for now.

Thursday’s County Commissioner meeting will take place in South Walton at 4 p.m.