Walton County Special Magistrates

WALTON COUNTY-- After over a week of waiting, Walton County teachers and district officials have received the special magistrates recommendation regarding teacher pay raises.

Earlier this month teachers and the district sat down and stated their proposals to the special magistrate.

He then reviewed both proposals and came up with his recommendation.

He is recommending to go with the school districts proposal from March 14. That gives every teacher a step up in their pay scale. He is also recommending a retroactive pay to the beginning of the school year. The increase cost of this proposal is almost $1.1 million.

This recommendation is not binding. It needs to be approved or tweaked by the school board, and voted on by the teachers.

Newschannel 7 reached out to both the district and teachers, neither side has responded.

If an agreement isn't made by the beginning of June, teachers will not receive the money.