Walton County Spring Break Comes To An End With High Arrest Number

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Walton County Sheriff's Officials expected a lot more people for spring break this year. So they put a lot more deputies on-patrol in South Walton. Apparently it paid-off.

"We're a little better than a thousand arrests at this point in about a three or four week period. Pretty substantial numbers, obviously that's up about six hundred from last year" said Walton County Sheriff Michael Adkinson.

Most of those arrests were charged with public intoxication and underage drinking.

"By and large it was just consistently busy. It was just consistently busy because each week is different crowd. But i will say that we feel like that the message got out after week one that we were serious" said Adkinson.

"Most of the folks had a lot of praise for the Walton County Sheriff's Department and what they've done to help patrol the beach crowds” said Seascape Homeowners Association Associate Manager Keith Arsenalt.

During one week of the spring break period a total of one hundred ninety kids were cited for underage possession of alcohol. In another week more than thirty kids were arrested from a house party for the same offense.

"We identified some of these areas where you might have one hundred fifty or two hundred individuals in a house and their trashing these houses. We're putting them out. We're getting with the homeowners and shutting them down" said Adkinson.

"Their presence this year helped curtail a lot of the problems they encountered last year" said Arsenalt.

Sheriff Adkinson says he hopes this year's enforcement effort will serve as the building blocks for future spring breaks.

The sheriff's office is planning to implement several other programs for the summer season, including a work program for those cited for minor offenses.