Walton County Students Replenish Their Backyard

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For Walton County third graders learning about the area they live in has been a year-long journey.

"Well since October our kids have been growing spartena which is a smooth chord grass for the bay. They've been measuring it, how far it's grown" says Butler Elementary Third Grade Teacher Lindsey Brown.

Now venturing outside they're getting the chance to explore the bay itself and plant their classroom projects.

"We take all the schools around thirteen hundred kids to different restoration sites around the bay and they plant their smooth chord grass" says Choctawhatchee Basin Alliance Education Coordinator Brittany Tate.

For the past two years the Choctawhatchee Basin Alliance has been teaching environmental programs to inspire the next generation of water stewards.

"The kids have loved it. The grasses in classes people come once a month and kids just look forward to it every month. All the lessons have been really fun for them and they really learned a lot" says Brown.

"The big benefit is sparking the students’ interest in science and what's in their back yard. Everyone who lives here should know about the water that they enjoy on a weekly basis" says Tate.

The final step of the program will continue throughout the month of May giving every school a chance to participate.

The AmeriCorps Organization partners with the Choctawhatchee Basin Alliance to make the grasses in classes program possible.