Walton County TDC Form a New Committee

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WALTON COUNTY-- Walton County Commissioners recently granted the Tourist Development Councils request to form a North Walton TDC Committee.

The committee will consist of seven members with a vested interest in tourism in northern Walton County.

"It is a step that publicizes how great Walton County is,” said Jon Ervin of the Walton County TDC. “Obviously the accommodations along the beach, 10,000 accommodations are along the beach, but that doesn't mean people don't enjoy going to parks, walking trails and taking kayak trips, or going to cultural events."

The committee already has two of its members.

DeFuniak Springs Mayor Bob Campbell,

"The fact that we are working together, I think we will see some benefits for the entire county,” said Mayor Campbell.

And Paxton Mayor Thomas Hayward, who told us he's, “happy to be a part of this new development with the TDC.”

Campbell says he, too, is excited, but has some questions.

"I want to know where we are heading, our goals, their goal,” said Mayor Campbell. “I know I have high expectations for this end of the county and I am hoping we can discuss those things and see how we can get there."

Funding is also a major question.

"We are requesting in our next year's budget $30,000 and of course I don't know if all that money will be requested,” said Ervin. “Some of the advertising in Dothan or somewhere else may just be a few thousands of dollars."

Walton County TDC officials hope to have all the committee members in place by June.

The Walton County Commissioners will choose the last five representatives to sit on this committee.