Walton County TDC Host Social Media Workshop

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Many business owners are now taking advantage of social media, to promote their business to locals and out-of-towners.

But there are still a lot of people who don't know much about using these tools to their full advantage.

Many of the business owners and public relations professionals that attended Tuesday's workshop said they already use a number of the social media outlets.

But TDC members showed them new uses to attract more visitors to Walton County.

"There is no shortage of beautiful pictures on Facebook and Instagram,” said Jon Ervin, for Visit South Walton. “But folks having realized that this was a way to really share the tourism product we have here, and there is a lot of folks good at it in this room"

In September, Google selected South Walton as the 2013 E-City for Florida, something Ervin is proud of and would like to expand.

"And it's just that. We are prone to talk about how lucky we are the industry has so many experts here in the tourism industry,” said Ervin.

While business owners have always been worried about promoting their business over others, now the emphasis is on working together to bring profit to the region.

"When you have folks from Seaside and Sandestin, and operators all in the room talking about how they use social content and comparing and even contributing, we appreciate content, we'll use it because that amplifies everybody’s message, which is a very powerful thing,” said Ervin.