Walton County TDC Survey Results Surprise Officials

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WALTON COUNTY-- Walton County TDC Board members and County officials asked residents how they can make their community a better place.

But some of them say they're shocked by some of the results.

"What surprised me was the ranking of the priorities that parking was number one with the issues that we are doing with here in South Walton,” said District 5 Commissioner Cindy Meadows.

For years, residents and tourist in South Walton have advocated for more parking.

The ideas range from some type of parking garage or a trolley system.

In fact County officials have been conducting research for the last year, to identify extra parking.

Residents also say Walton County’s branding is important.

Many believe TDC Officials do a good job of promoting the beaches, but feel they need to look beyond the beaches.

"We need to really look at things that improve the destination and the experience our visitors have,” said Jim Bagby, Director of the Walton County TDC.

Everyone agreed that communication between all county departments will help make South Walton even more popular.

Gold and Associates facilitated the survey.

The company developed the survey after asking 22 County officials about their biggest concerns.

Close to 1,200 people participated in the survey.