Walton County TDC asking for Resident Input

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Beginning Saturday, Walton County residents and business owners can go online and participate in the Tourist Development Council's five day research survey about the future of the county.

TDC officials are asking residents to be completely honest, stating what they like about the county, and what they would change.

"I think it is a global passion to let the community know that we do listen and that comes from the Board of County Commissioners, all the way to the TDC,” said Jon Ervin, of the Walton County TDC. “So this was a great opportunity. Gold Associates is the third party, that will be executing it and that is the best case scenario."

Residents and business owners say they like being included in this process.

Many say they have some ideas on ways to improve the county overall, and plan to share them through the survey.

"We are having so much more traffic coming down, more and more, the development is getting bigger and the season is getting stronger, alternative ways of transporting rather than cars,” said Judah Imhof of Big Daddy’s Bike Shop in South Walton. “Even bikes, a shuttle system, I am not against that. Just getting the roads better maintained."

"We already have a lot of people coming here, so we need to deal with the amount of crowds coming, so that we can than get more people in with a lot of flexibility,” said Bert Summerville, a Seaside resident and business owner. “And also for the people who live here don't get tied up in their work or homes."

Once the survey is complete, the TDC will hold public meetings to discuss all the different opinions.

To participate in the survey, you can visit the TDC’s website at www.visitsouthwalton.org