Walton County Teachers and District still at Impasse

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Walton County teachers filed back into the Wise center in DeFuniak Springs for yet another negotiation meeting Monday with Walton County School District officials.

During their last session, the two sides declared an impasse, meaning the issue would go to a special magistrate.

School district negotiators called Monday’s special meeting.

But much to the teachers surprise, the district did not propose anything new.

"Your brought us to the table and I thought you had a different proposal or something different to offer us, so I was a bit disappointed when we went through all of the same times and you put that same thing on the table,” said Sandra Butler, negotiator for the teachers.

The proposal includes a step up in the pay scale, plus an extra $150,000 from the district's general fund along with what's left of the allocated money.

"Now in none of the districts that I have negotiated for, and it is a lot, as you all know. The most available in any of them was $1,930,” said Jerry Copeland, the Walton County School Districts negotiator.

But the teachers were not happy with the proposal and have decided to take their chances with the special magistrate.

"At this point the teachers are a little disappointed with the school board, they don't have a lot of faith and what we want is an independent person to come in and look at everything,” said Butler.

The special magistrate meeting has reportedly been set for May 2nd.