Walton County Teachers are one Step Closer to their Pay Raise

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It's been a long, drawn out battle between school administrators and teachers since August.

Trying to figure out how they are going to distribute teacher bonus money allocated by Governor Rick Scott.

There initial plans was for every teacher in the state to receive a $2,500 one-time increase.

The final number passed by the Legislature was a little less.

But Walton School District Officials suggested splitting the money between instructional and non-instructional employees.

Teachers were not pleased with that proposal.

Thursday negotiators finally agreed on a plan to give non-instructional employees a 41-cent an hour pay increase.

Teachers will get a 49-cent an hour pay increase.

"We are a high performing district, but we didn't become that way without the help from the instructional and the ESP’s working together,” said Dixie Burge, President of the Education Support Personnel of the Walton County Education Association.

"It is a step in the right direction,” said Patsy Stephens, President of the Instructional Department of the WCEA.

None of the teachers would share their thoughts or frustrations, but one parent came to their defense.

"It has become so muddled and messy, at this point, that it almost has to go back to the original intent. It is just getting to be how many people are going to be dividing up this money,” said Jenny Dargavell.

This is not the final stage.

Teachers throughout the District will vote on this matter and then it will then go to the School Board.

Teachers will have until February 27th to vote.