Agreement for Walton Co. Teacher's Pay Raises

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During Tuesday night’s re-negotiation meeting, each side had completely different views on distributing the $1.1 million

Last month the district approved raises for teachers and support personnel.

The support personnel approved their deal, for about $270,000.

But the teachers rejected theirs.

The school district says it's come up with an additional $150,000 for teachers out of the fund balance.

But the teachers the entire amount of money allocated by Governor Rick Scott.

That means the School Board would have to dip further into general funds, putting the district into a state of financial emergency.

If the general fund goes below 2 percent of the overall budget, the state could take over the districts funding.

School Superintendent Carlene Anderson says she'll take the proposal back to the board, but doesn't think they'll approve it.

"The average teacher salary in Walton County has gone down dramatically for the last 4 or 5 years, by what I am pulling up it is just going down,” said Sandra Butler, head negotiator for the teachers union.

We started beefing-up our salary, especially beginning teacher salaries,” said Superintendent Carlene Anderson. “But what you're seeing as the beginner teacher salary is the highest in the panhandle by far."

Anderson says she'll present the teacher's proposal to the school board on April 1st.

The next negotiation will take place April 7th.

If the district can't come to an agreement by June 1st, the entire $1.1 million will go back to the state.