Walton County Teachers still waiting for Pay Raises

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Walton County is one of three public school districts in the state that hasn't given teachers the $2500 bonus promised by Governor Rick Scott.

A little more than $1.3 million was allocated to the school district for the one-time bonus.

However, we've learned, the district and the teacher's union can't come to a decision on how to distribute the money.

Superintendent Carlene Anderson feels the money should be distributed among everyone who works for the district---from janitorial staff, to administrators.

"From my administration, I feel everyone deserves a raise,” said Anderson. “This money was not just set aside for teachers; it is because the law did not stipulate that. It was intended I think it the beginning to be for teachers, we hope we can give them as much as possible."

If the money is not distributed before June, it will go back to the state.