Walton County Adds Sunday Trash Route to South Walton

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SOUTH WALTON-- Those living along Scenic Highway 98 and 30A will now get an extra trash pick-up day Sunday mornings.

This pilot program is a joint project between the Walton County Commissioners and Waste Management.

"The trucks do both ways. They drive from both the east and west on both major highways, getting material on both sides of the road. The crew gets in about 4 a.m. and they are out before the tourists are out and about. And it has worked really well from our perspective,” Lynn York, for Waste Management, said.

When visitors check out of their rental Saturday morning, their trash from all week sits there until Monday or Tuesday.

Both county officials and waste management say adding an extra day will help.

"To alleviate the amounts of trash that are there as our tourist are entering and leaving our area, as well as making it safer for the families down there, and not having to deal with trash on the side of the road,” Louis Svehla, Public Information Officer for Walton County, said.

Right now this is just a pilot program, but Commissioners would like to implement it, full time, if it is successful.

"One of the things that came up is we know we are doing this now, and we had to find the money, so let’s make sure next year if it is a successful program, that it is actually in the budget to provide that service,” Svehla said.

Two Waste Management trucks are out on the roads Sunday mornings.

If Commissioners decide to budget this program out for next year, they say they also want to add Sunday trash routes during Spring Break.