Walton Middle School Participates in Campaign Against Bullying Rally

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Walton Middle School students, teachers and parents came out Monday morning to bring awareness about bullying.

"I hope they go back and talk to their peers about bullying and how important it is to stand up against bullying, and how to not be a bystander,” said Laurie Cook, Event Organizer.

Supporters walked around the DeFuniak Springs Lakeyard, all wearing their stop bullying t-shirts.

Organizers believe this National Campaign against Bullying would be something that would help the community.

"Bullying is simply something that makes another kid feel uncomfortable, and a lot of it has to do with the maturity issue and things like that. And I think that is one of the problems,” stated Principal Tripp Hope.

Hope estimates about one-third of the school participated in the march.

Organizers say it's an extension of awareness the school is already raising, with their "Warriors against Bullying Club.”

"It is a way to educate kids on what to do if you see bullying going on or what to do if you are being bullied,” said Hope.

They hope this year's march will generate even more interest for next year's event.

"Our goal is to spread the message and get more kids involved--and parents too. It is a great learning tool for the parents too,” stated Hope.

The march was supposed to take place May 1st, but had to be rescheduled because of the heavy rains.