Walton TDC Officials ‘Moving Forward’ After Audit

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The auditors from the Walton County Clerk’s office found some problems.

They say they can't completely account for $121,000 worth of gift cards the TDC handed out for a promotion, using BP oil spill money.

The TDC presented $250.00 gift cards to visitors who booked rooms with local bed tax collectors.

But auditors say they can't account for about $11,000 worth of the cards.

That promotion took place under former TDC Director Dawn Moliterno.

During Tuesday’s Walton County Commission meeting, current TDC director Jim Bagby, addressed the issue, suggesting the TDC appoint an administrator, or hire an experience CPA to keep track of their finances.

Commissioners approved the request.

"My job right now as the leader of this organization is we are moving forward,” said Jim Bagby, Executive Director for the Walton County TDC. “We have great people at the TDC, they are working very hard and doing the best they can. But we didn't have a good process, a good management process and that is what I am working on."

Northwest Florida State College's Institute for Senior Professionals recently completed a management audit of the TDC, looking for ways employees can better communicate to eliminate future problems like these.