Walton Teachers Vote Not To Share Their $2500 Gubernatorial Bonus Money

DeFUNIAK SPRINGS, Fla. Walton County teachers have turned down a proposed raise because they don't feel they should have to share their bonus money with the district's support personnel.

After counting the ballots Friday afternoon, 190 teachers voted in-favor of the raise, 331-voted against it.
The money for the raises came from the state.

Teachers claim Governor Rick Scott intended the districts to give all of it to teachers for a 1-time $2500 bonus.

But Walton District officials decided to share the money with support personnel in the form of raises rather than a one time bonus.

The vote means teachers and negotiators will go back to the drawing board.

The educational support personnel approved their proposal, allowing the E-S-P's contract to go to the school board for final approval.

The board can either decide to accept it or table it until the teachers come to a decision.

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