Washington County 3rd Unhealthiest County in Florida

Washington County is the 65th healthiest county in Florida, making it among the worst according to a new survey.

Obesity, smoking, teen pregancies and dropout rates are just a few of the factors researchers looked at for the “2013 County Health Rankings.”

Chipley resident Willard Whitcomb is doing his part to buck that trend.

"I'm doing a lot of cardio right now because I'm trying to lose a little weight," Whitcomb said. "I'm trying to take a little weight off to get my blood pressure down."

Health Department Director Rick Davis says most of the county's heath woes are caused by poor lifestyle choices, things like smoking, drinking and eating unhealthy foods.

Bay County ranks in the middle of the pack at 35 out of 67. Walton County is 41st. You can find out where your county ranks by clicking the link below.