Washington County Administrator Resigns Over Issues with Commissioner

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Chipley- Washington County Administrator Steve Joyner said he was no longer able to tolerate working with newly elected District 5 commissioner, Lynn Gothard.

Joyner's friend and commissioner, Joel pate explained, "She would come in there and say, I need you to get me so and so, so and so and so and so" Pate told us. "Well the man is trying to run a county, not a county commissioner."

But according to some- Joyner was not the only one having a problem with Gothard. Salvatore Zurica is on the MSBU board for Sunny Hills. He has filed three complaints against Gothard.

"She has been intimidating, bullying and threatening people since the day she got elected. Most of the county employees [at the county office] have filed complaints" Zurica said.

Zurica also told us, "[Gothard] and her husband came here and she asked me again- as an official you cant do that- but, she did ask me if the MSBU would donate money to the fire department. And I said, 'No. We already went through this.'"

Zurica said the 'no' didn't sit well with her. "At the next county commission meeting she tried to stop us from using money we had budgeted in the MSBU."

Zurica told us there were at least 15 complaints filed against Gothard and as many as 12 lawsuits. Gothard declined to comment.
"In my opinion" Zurica said, "She should resign. She has disrupted this whole county."

The board planned a special meeting Tuesday at 9:00 AM to discuss finding an interim county administrator.

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