Washington County District 3 Commissioner Race Still Undecided

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Chipley- Washington County's canvassing board will meet Thursday night to verify the election results- and there's still one race hanging in the balance.

There are only 39 votes separating fourth term incumbent, Charles Brock and his challenger, Tray Hawkins.The 91 ballots wouldn't have made too much of a difference in most of the elections, but they will definitely decide who wins the Washington County Commission District 3 seat.

Elections officials count all of the provisional ballots. If neither candidate has at least a half of a percent margin of victory, then the race enters an automatic recount of all the ballots cast in the election.

Provisional ballots are votes cast by people who didn't bring a proper ID to the polls on Tuesday, or showed up at the wrong precinct.

Some of the ballots could be tossed out by the canvassing board. The canvasing board has to decide if the ballot is legitimate and if it should be counted in the overall totals.

The two candidates had different opinions on the provisional ballot concept. "Everybody should have a right to vote. Whether you make a mistake and forget your license or form of ID, you ought to still have the right to vote" candidate, Tray Hawkins told us.

"Going into tight races you've got provision votes- I don't believe in that" Incumbent, Charles Brock said. "Either you vote or you don't vote. Then, you have the outcome on election night. But, either way I'll be happy."

The vote tallying is scheduled to begin at 5:00pm Thursday at the Supervisor of Elections Office in Chipley.

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