Washington County Lifts Local State of Emergency

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WASHINGTON COUNTY Washington County is no longer under a local state of emergency.
County official’s lifted the declaration today, after imposing it last week, due to heavy rains.

Washington County received about 10 inches of rain last week that wreaked havoc on many local roads.

Crews having been working constantly to get them reopened to drivers.

“Our road crews work diligently to get those repairs back,” said Public Safety Director, Lynne Abel. “But, at this time it does appear that in the next couple of weeks we should be back to pre-event conditions."

The rains caused about half a million dollars in damages.
It’s the second time around for some of the roads that were flooded in July and August, when damages totaled an estimated 13-million dollars.

"A lot of the damage occurred to places that had already been repaired from the July flood event. So it has postponed some repairs that were underway," Abel explained.

But the quickest way to get all the roads reopened is to stay off of the ones that are currently closed.

"If our residents approach a sign or a barricade, they need to use extreme caution when traveling. You are possibly putting your vehicle at risk. So you need to use extreme caution when traveling just to protect your property,” said Abel.

Officials say all of the roads should reopen in a couple of weeks.