Washington County Under Water Due to Flash Flooding

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Vernon- Kelly Laminack, her husband and their five children became homeless Wednesday. Their house on Dawkin Street in Vernon had flooded to the point of ruin.

"We've lost everything" Kelly said. "We've been dealing with the massive flood that has come with all this rain and it has just wiped everything out. We have nothing left. Nothing."

Rain was on the radar, but it came in much faster and heavier than anyone expected.

"This is a lot more than expected" said Washington County Commission Chairman, Alan T Bush. "We've got roads that we've never seen flooded before. There's houses that have been affected. One of our shelters has been impcated that we were planing on using."

"Everything in the back has floated off- propane tanks, a boat, there was a car my husband and boys were working to refinish and its gone. Everything's gone" Laminack tearfully told us.

Worse yet, Washington County Public Safety Director, Lynne Abel said the rain wasn't going to let up anytime soon.

"We do anticipate additional flash flooding and heavy rain throughout the evening, and into possibly tomorrow morning.

Laminack said the family had sadly already lost everything they had to lose and likely had little help to gain.

"We're just trying to regroup to figure out what to do next because we don't have any insurance. We're like anyone else, just struggling day to day trying to keep what we had together- to live. And now, it's all gone.

The Red Cross set up a Shelter at Vernon High School for residents to evacuate to.