Washington County Woman in Hospital After Stand-Off with Police

A Washington County woman is in the hospital after Bay County Sheriff's Deputies shot her.

It happened about 2:30 Tuesday afternoon at a home on North Blue Springs Road, just across the Bay County line in Washington County.

A woman who lived there, 62 year old Mary Ethel Loflin, called a National Crisis hotline, which referred the call the Washington County Deputies.

One of them arrived a little after noon.

Loflin, who was standing on the porch and armed with a rifle, allegedly fired at him, but missed both times. That set-off a stand-off that went on for 2-hours.

Both Sheriff Bobby Haddock and Frank McKeithen phoned the woman, trying to convinced her to surrender.

A member of the Bay County swat team fired a non-lethal round that hit the woman, knocking her to the ground, but they say she recovered and pointed her weapon at them.

That's when several swat officers fired, hitting the woman.

Paramedics were already standing by and immediately life-flighted her to Bay Medical Center, where she underwent surgery.

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