Washington Wash Out- County's Combating Flood Damage

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Chipley- As of Wednesday, Washington County residents were still struggling with yard flooding and road wash-outs. For some, the worst was almost over. But that wasn't much consolation for those who were still dealing with big problems.

For Gracie Toole, the flooding was a minor inconvenience.
"There's two washed out places before you get to the highway" she said, standing beside a 'Road Closed' sign off of Merry Acres Drive where she lived.

But for others, like neighbors Charlie Robinson and Fred Moore, the flooding was much more of an issue.

They share a back yard at the corner of Cope Road and Old Bonifay Road by Alligator Creek in Chipley. Much of their yard was still covered with over three feet of water.

"I've lived here five years now and this is the third one that I've been involved in" Moore said. "This is the worst one."

Robinson explained, "they made a dam over there [Alligator Creek] so the water just keeps getting higher and higher over here!" Robinson had lived in his home for ten years and agreed this flood was the worst he'd ever experienced.

Moore recounted the moments they realized they were getting into a dangerous situation with the rising flood water. "We woke up at like 6:00 A.M. and the water was up almost to our knees and we had to ride through stuff like that" Moore said, pointing to what looked like a pond in his backyard, "to get our Harley's. It was scary."

But they were not alone. Just down the road, a culvert back-up in Daryl Foor's driveway, off Snell Road. It flooded 20 acres of land with as much as eight feet of water.

"I just found a fish in my driveway" Foor said surveying the flood damage. He told us Monday, he and his family had to evacuate."We didn't know if it was going to go down so we went and stayed at a relative's house."

Worse yet, nobody knew when drier days would come- but everyone seemed to know what it would take to make it happen.

"Probably another three or four days if we don't get more rain up north" Foor said.

Moore agreed adding, "we'll have [flooding] the rest of the week - well, until Monday [easily]. It only goes down about six inches a day. If we don't get any rain in Alabama."

Washington County Emergency Management was offering residents sandbags. They can be obtained by calling (850) 638-6203.

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