Waste Watch Comes to Walton County

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Waste Watch is a national program conceived by Waste Management.

"After the terrorist attacks back in 2001 we began the program in larger cities and in densely populated areas. And then we realized the worth in more rural communities and smaller cities,” said Lynn Yort, Solutions Manager for Waste Management.

44 Waste Management drivers in Walton County were certified for the program Wednesday morning.

They'll keep an eye on what is going on while they're out of their routes.

During their training, experts taught them what to look for while they are driving through neighborhoods, and also how to handle the situation if they see something or someone acting suspicious.

They've also been trained to call authorities and wait for them to arrive.

They will not confront suspects.

Walton County Sheriff Michael Adkinson is a huge supporter.

"These folks are doing these types of jobs day in and day out, because people see them every day they sometimes forget they are there, and sometimes they act as if no one is watching them when in reality we have these folks here that are watching them,” said Sheriff Adkinson. “They are observing, and now we are just trying to add to that for better public safety."

Officials hope they have the same success in Walton County that they've had in other communities.

The waste watch program will begin in Walton County immediately.