Watch Banner Pulling Planes Take Off

PANAMA CITY BEACH-- Flying Banners can be a great way to market your product to a specific audience.

"They are hitting an audience that is typically happy, when you are on the beach you are typically happy. It's human nature to look up when you hear an aircraft as it's flying by and read the message," said Mark Williams of Boomer Aviation.

Wednesday morning, that message was double red flags, beach closed.

"The one that I noticed the most, was the one that went by and told us not to go in the water, that's the one I remember," said Clemson spring breaker Nicole Clemenston.

During the peak season, each banner spends 4-to-5 hours in the air.

"30 to 50 thousand people are seeing it per day, when you are out there with it. If they are having a big concert or bike week or something, the numbers go up," said Williams.

Boomer Aviation has been flying banners in the panhandle for 36 years. In that time, the business has grown from a couple months at spring break, to include a full 6-month summer season.